Evening makeup for prom. Trends and basis

Evening makeup for prom. Trends and basis

Evening makeup for prom. Trends and basis

The preparing time for graduation is  in full swing. It makes sense to think about your image and decide how to look in the photos.

Someone prefers to turn to the makeup artist, and someone takes matters into their own hands. However it is possible to make 16-year-old graduate look like a divorced mother of three children familiar with all hardships of life.

In order to look great  in the prom photos there are rules for successful makeup for photo shoots  to remember:

The camera takes away 30% of the color. So if you want your make-up to be visible in the pictures, make it brighter.

Set the accents. Taking into account coloring features , it is necessary to place the focus correctly  on the eyes and lips.

Competent basis. Most appropriate choice of makeup basics will help to avoid trouble with leaking eyeliner or mascara smeared all over the face after the dance.

Do not neglect life-hacks. Beauty bloggers have repeatedly tested these or other tricks, so it's better  to take the  advice.

Fashionable makeup

Let us remind that we have already  wrote  about 2018 spring-summer makeup  trends.

It is better to  repeat :

Eyeliner. In this season make-up artists offer not  to do thin arrows but to  give them volume and highlight the eyes with bright colors. It became fashionable to wear massive arrows  and full eye outline. In the "Ruble Boom" and 1b.ru stores graduates can eyeliner or pencil in bright colors and make unusual arrows going beyond the eyes.

This season allow yourself  to wear a  face painting.

Doll eyelashes. Makeup artists offer fashionistas do not" bother " with eyelash extensions but to  wear Twiggy style make-up. To do this, you need to choose a high- quality mascara in the "Ruble Boom" and 1b.ru stores. This make-up is suitable for large eyes owners and be best to emphasize their natural beauty.

It is better not to combine black eyeliner with Twiggy eyelashes. Instead of a fashion image, you are at a risk to get pictures of  «pandas»  in classmates’ Instagram-profiles. Whereas bright shadows or light shade pencil will help to focus attention on the eyes. In this case,  classic arrows will do.

Evening make-up allows to focus on the eyes and lips simultaneously.

Shiny skin.  Another season trend is shiny skin. Of course, not every teenager's skin is in perfect condition, with the glow of youth from the inside. But to make it smoother will help "cosmetic made Shine." Fashion on «glowing" and shiny skin is comfortable at the party, because it does not require constant wearing of powder and make-up fix. This effect can be achieved with the help of a special concealer from Catrice, which is sold in the "Ruble Boom" and 1b.ru stores.

Bright lipstick. Bright lips complete the image. It is still fashionable this season to wear «kissing a lot» lips.  Also fashionistas can try Hombre. However you’ll have to eat and drink with caution. As for the color scheme, red is still the leader.

Naturalness. Not the first season in a row naturalness remains in the trend. But this does not mean that you have to go  the prom scruffy and sleepy because in the morning there was not enough time to get ready. Naturalness should be sufficiently detailed with deliberately made make-up  and with  tone aligned and highlighted with a cheekbones line. The only negative thing is -in the photo the naturalness will look faded against the bright faces of classmates, but if you want  you can  visit the prom with "Nude" style make-up. 

Eyebrows. On the catwalks the next season, more than one fashion designer presented  girls with eyebrows like Frida Kahlo. Of course, it is not necessary to implement the trend from the catwalks to life, because the unibrow — a highly-questionable pleasure. This summer large, carefully drawn eyebrows  are still in the trend However, in the next season, make-up artists offer to leave them natural, giving shape with a special gel.

“Retro style” makeup  - the main trend of this year's graduation.

Makeup at home

Regardless of trends, the main condition of good makeup — well-groomed skin. To achieve this effect, you need to take care of the makeup base.

You will need to buy in "Ruble Boom" and 1b.ru stores:

micellar water;





At the first stage, clean the skin with micellar water. Then apply to the face moisturizer and primer. The primer will create a barrier between moisturizer and Foundation. After apply a concealer. For shining make-up you can find a concealer from Catrice with a radiance effect in "Ruble Boom" and 1b.ru stores.

It is recommended to apply the concealer after rubbing it on the back of the palm.

If there is redness on the skin, it is recommended to apply it not with strokes, but as if hammering  it into the skin.

The highlighter emphasizes the  places with light reflections.

Usually they are made on:


the bridge of the nose;

under and above the eyebrow;

on the upper lip.

For a comfortable application it is better to choose highlighter cream-based or mix it with moisturizer. After apply Foundation. Then you can make a bright make-up and try the bright trends.

It is worth noting that there are new Essence products in the "Ruble Boom" and 1b.ru stores. Charming eye shadow palette, new line of lipsticks, tints and lip gloss, a lot of products to create makeup with the effect of "dewy", cool manicure staff… You name it!

Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and 1b.ru attractive offers and campaigns!
Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and 1b.ru
attractive offers and campaigns!